Medical Disclaimer

General useful information regarding Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance® was developed by Wolf Funfack, Dr. med., a physician of internal and nutritional medicine, in collaboration with Silvia B├╝rkle, nutritional scientist and food engineer. The program is offered generally through consultancies composed of but not limited to physicians, homeopaths, nutritionists, spas, and fitness centers. Metabolic Balance, Inc., is not a medical organization.

Neither Metabolic Balance, Inc., nor coworkers nor Metabolic Balance® coaches are permitted to dispense medical advice or diagnoses. They merely offer information, guidance, and tips pertaining to the Metabolic Balance® methodology for weight management and metabolic regulation. The Metabolic Balance® program does not replace the advice of a physician or replace routine medical care—particularly for symptoms requiring long-term medical supervision. Neither is the program intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Metabolic Balance® program has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not permitted to participate in the Metabolic Balance® program. Persons with severe renal or hepatic insufficiency are also excluded from participation. Persons under medical treatment because of weight issues or who are taking physician-prescribed medications for illnesses should first consult with their physicians about participation in Metabolic Balance®.

If weight reduction is inadvisable because of illness or trauma, a physician should decide on participation in Metabolic Balance®. In such cases, a physician should always be consulted prior to anyone’s beginning a weight-loss program.

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