Success Story

I did it for my new grandson

Why did you decide to lose weight?

I needed to be able to chase after my new grandson when he started walking.

How did you feel before Metabolic Balance®?

I was tired all the time, had no energy.

Why have you chosen Metabolic Balance® in order to lose weight?

I chose Metabolic Balance because there are no shakes, supplements or prepared food. Weighting food is easier than counting calories.

How has your life been since you started following the Metabolic Balance® nutritional program?

I have more energy now. I can move easily, no more knee pain.

How important has your personal coach / personal coaching been to you?

Extremely important. Very knowledgable & attentive- Encouraging when stuck. Has exercise adivse also.

What has been the most important motivation in order to adhere to the program?

My grandson and being able to chase after him and get on the floor to play with him. I feel I can keep him safe by keeping up with him.

What was the biggest change since you have started the Metabolic Balance® program?

No more snacking before bed. I no longer leave to snack.

Why would you recommend the Metabolic Balance® program to someone who would like to lose weight?

It is easy to follow. You are given food options and sample meals to follow. The only thinking I had to do is decide what I’m going to eat at each meal. And the weight comes off quickly. Quick results.

Diane A.

Preexisting illnesses: major knee pains