Success Story

I had hit an all time high

Why did you decide to lose weight?

I had gained a great deal of weight while balancing work and getting my masters degree. I had hit an all time high and was very uncomfortable.

How did you feel before Metabolic Balance®?

Like myself again only better. I fit into my single digit jeans again, had more energy and resumed going to the gym.

Why have you chosen Metabolic Balance® in order to lose weight?

I found the program through NANP and liked that it was a whole foods approach. I was also looking for a program to offer others once I finished school.

How has your life been since you started following the Metabolic Balance® nutritional program?

It's easy to follow. Food tastes better and we actually spend less time shopping and less money on food since we stick to whole foods and utilize farmer's markets and our own garden.

How important has your personal coach / personal coaching been to you?

Very important. Sylvia has not only coached me through the program but set an example of how to be a coach myself.

What has been the most important motivation in order to adhere to the program?

Elimination of joint pain that I had been experiencing. That and setting an example for clients.

What was the biggest change since you have started the Metabolic Balance® program?

I had developed during the year prior to starting the program an allergy to perfumes. It threatened my ability to work as a labor and delivery nurse. One month into my plan I noticed that my reaction to scents was not as dramatic. After two months I no longer needed to use inhalers. The program saved my career as I am able to work without worrying about exposure to perfume and not being able to breathe. Also my hot flashes stopped.

Why would you recommend the Metabolic Balance® program to someone who would like to lose weight?

YES!! And not just for the weight loss but the overall improvement in quality of life. It is an overall lifestyle change that incorporates real food and ensures well rounded nutrition. Best thing I ever did for myself.

Gail B.

Preexisting illnesses: joint pain, allergy to perfumes, hot flashes