Success Story

My transformation from a size 14/16 to 8/10

I had been wearing dress size 14/16 for years while constantly struggling to lose weight. Despite trying, I was never able to keep the weight off for any length of time. When I tried Metabolic Balance®, I realised just how easy it was to be true to yourself. The first few weeks of rapid weight loss, combined with improved well-being, impressed me so much that I felt as if a spark had been ignited inside me. I became much more aware of myself and the need to look after myself. I occupied myself with the idea of nourishing my body with healthy food 3 times a day. I prepared foods I really wanted to eat, and that made me feel satisfied with true dedication.

After four and a half months, I amazed myself when I put on a pair of slacks in size 8! This was beyond my wildest dreams, especially because I was going through menopause at the time. I found that after changing my diet with Metabolic Balance®, I thought about food actually only three times a day. The time between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner were free from snacking and decision making. Before, I had always been thinking. Should I have a snack now, or shouldn’t I? What a relief! I suddenly had a lot more freedom and newfound energy. I also realized that being true to yourself means taking responsibility for yourself. It also means not falling victim to the sugar industry. There is something very positive and rewarding about conjuring up delicious and enjoyable food 3 times a day—food that is made only from natural ingredients. I even find that the foods on my food list are so diverse that I always have enough to choose from.

I work as an artist and paint large pictures on canvas. I turn to the colors of the vegetables, fruits, and protein on my plate as daily inspiration. Metabolic Balance® has helped me find peace with myself.

Marilu K., age 55

Changed from dress size size 14/16 to 8/10

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