Success Story

I never saw myself as a fat man

What made you try Metabolic Balance®?

My girlfriend took me to a talk by Dr. Funfack, who estimated my weight at 330 lb. At that time, I weighed 317 lb, and I suddenly thought, That sounds like a lot. I had my blood tested almost immediately, and that was the turning point.

How did you feel before Metabolic Balance®?

I had not taken seriously the size of my waist or the fact that I was overweight. I didn’t have any health problems and felt really fit. I had always dismissed any criticism about my weight, but the day eventually came when I saw things the way they really were.

Why Metabolic Balance®?

My aunt had tried the program, and that’s how I found out about it. I saw that it really works. It was also important to me that the plan was really simple and I had no desire to do any sports.

What was your experience with the program?

I’m very involved at work, but the supervision worked out perfectly. With respect to sports, I have even been actively taking part in Tae Kwon Do for some months now. The cooking was a problem at the beginning, but I soon got used to it. I am also now able to reach my recommended water intake of a gallon a day, as I can also drink tea.

What is the biggest change since starting Metabolic Balance®?

I have become more active and will carry on like this until I have reached my target of 180 lb. My final goal is 160 lb, but that would really just be a bonus!

Peter K., age 35

Lost around 110 lb

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