Success Story

I wanted to improve my health and look better

Why did you decide to lose weight?

To look better; to improve my health. To stop snoring. I believe I was also having sleep apnea related to my weight.

How did you feel before Metabolic Balance®?

Felt fat and sluggish. Got tired mid-morning and afternoon each day. Knee pain prevented me from running or going up and down stairs easily.

Why have you chosen Metabolic Balance® in order to lose weight?

My wife had learned about the program while she was studying for her masters degree in nutrition. The fact that it is individualized is a real perk.

How has your life been since you started following the Metabolic Balance® nutritional program?

No more snoring or sleep apnea. Blood pressure is normal for the first time in years. Knee is significantly better, I can run again with very little discomfort. I no longer get sleepy during the day. Significantly more energy. Skin rashes are gone.

How important has your personal coach / personal coaching been to you?

Important to talk to a real person as questions arose and for help adapting the program to work and travel schedules.

What has been the most important motivation in order to adhere to the program?

I had told many people I was doing the program so I couldn't quit. To honor my promise to my wife. But then I started feeling better so that motivated me even more.

What was the biggest change since you have started the Metabolic Balance® program?

I have joined the gym again and am back to weight lifting. Having lost over 40 lbs I can see the muscle gain and definition. I have abs! Being over 50 you wouldn't think this is possible but it is!

Why would you recommend the Metabolic Balance® program to someone who would like to lose weight?

The Rules are clear. Plan is easy to follow and is easily adapted to life/ work circumstances. You can eat real food, no need for supplements or shakes. It is something you can continue for your whole life. I do not feel deprived. You will get your health back and feel years younger.

Stan D.

Lost over 40 lbs
Preexisting illnesses: sleep apnea related to weight, High blood pressure