Success Story

No more "fat" pictures of myself!

Why did you decide to lose weight?

I decided to lose weight toward the end of my son’s senior year in high school. As proud as I was of him, I dreaded the idea of all those “fat” pictures of myself living for eternity on fb and Instagram!

How did you feel before Metabolic Balance®?

Before Metabolic Balance®, I was tired. Tired physically, and tired of all the contrary “science” I’d been hearing for decades about the right way to diet!

Why have you chosen Metabolic Balance® in order to lose weight?

My first diet was when I was 15… the Scarsdale diet… all the rage in the early 80’s. “Stop the insanity” told me to stop eating fat -eat carbs! Wheat brain said no carbs… eat fat! Weight watchers? Been doing that since 1990. They pretty much change their plan with whatever the newest diet guru is spouting at the time… sorry weight watchers. Then one of my stepdaughters told me how her mom, Gail, was trying a new health plan and that she had a ton of energy!... also that she’d lost a lot of weight! Energy? People over 50 still had that? I needed to know more! As luck would have it, Gail was training to be a personal coach for Metabolic Balance® and I was fortunate enough to be one of her first clients!

How has your life been since you started following the Metabolic Balance® nutritional program?

My experience with the program has been nothing short of monumental! I’m not hungry! Never, ever, been on a “diet” before when I wasn’t famished from morning until night! Before the program I had horrible joint pain… so stiff every morning… like living in the body of an 80 year old. Not anymore. The inflammation is gone! The program is easy. At first the scale scared me, but after just a day, I felt like an expert. Planning meals became a cinch, and they were delicious. The rules. Let 5 hours pass between meals. Wait, what? All those other plans told me I could eat all day long… graze to my heart’s content! Like a cow. We are not cows.

How important has your personal coach / personal coaching been to you?

My personal coach, Gail, has been a Godsend. Always available when I needed encouragement and more than able to answer whatever questions I threw at her -and if she didn’t know something, she found it out!

What was the biggest change since you have started the Metabolic Balance® program?

Now that I’ve lost 25 lbs, why am I still sticking with the program? I feel good. I have energy. I’m not bombarded with constant cravings. And dare I say… I look good.

Why would you recommend the Metabolic Balance® program to someone who would like to lose weight?

To anyone who wants to feel better, be healthier, look better, I say try this program. Do some research, talk to people. You won’t regret it!

Susan D.

Lost around 25 lbs