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Myriam W. -77 lb
My coach convinced me from the start to follow the nutrition program. I experienced success immediately, and after 2 months, I lost my first 22 lb. It wasn’t long before I got my positive outlook and happiness back.
Amelie -35 lb
II didn’t have any alternative because I could eat only 6 foods, all of which came from the same supplier. If I didn’t stick to those, I would have had an allergic reaction. My weight was just a minor problem.
Steffen F. -141 lb
My name is Steffen and I am 44 years old. Until the age of 25, I could eat and drink everything I wanted. Then I kept my weight relatively constant, at 408-419 lb.
Jennifer R. -77 lb
Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am 25 years old and weighed 243 lb when I started Metabolic Balance® at the beginning of the year.

The individual nutrition concept

Metabolic Balance® has proved to have an effect on the whole body. More than 2/3 of participants in our study say they have complete confidence in our program.

Check that your plan is an original

New and exclusive to Metabolic Balance®

Check that your plan is an original! Here you can certify that your individual nutrition plan is genuine and that it has been generated by Metabolic Balance®.

Check your plan

Quality is always at the heart of our business

We believe it is necessary to guarantee our quality to both our clients and our business partners. Our ISO 9001 certification is therefore important to us. In addition, we have been awarded the HARWARD® Health Award for Corporate Health Management.

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