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Metabolic Balance® has recently seen an increase in copycat plans that use the word metabolic in their name and warns consumers to be vigilant. Please ensure that Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG is written with the registered trademark symbol (®) because this indicates the authenticity of a plan.

Imitatio plans often use such expressions as Metabolic-Typing or Metabolic Balance Direct© to sell their programs. Such plans rarely include a blood analysis, and some even go so far as copying not only the food philosophy but also the appearance and layout of an authentic Metabolic Balance® plan. The result is a usually a poor-quality imitation.

Metabolic Balance® maintains that metabolic adjustment can occur only after specific blood test results and their subsequent analysis.

Those attempting to imitate Metabolic Balance® will not have access to Dr. Funfack's years of clinical research, his scientific studies, or the special analysis techniques used in the creation of a personal nutrition plan. Metabolic Balance® urges consumers to select only coaches from the list of certified Metabolic Balance® coaches on this Web site under Find a Coach. There is only one original Metabolic Balance®.

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