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Experiences as individual as the plan itself

Metabolic Balance® means something different to everyone. For one person, it might mean fitting into a smaller dress size, whereas for another, it might mean ending the need to take medication for diabetes. Although everyone here has more vitality, their stories couldn’t be more different from each other’s.

Diane A.

I was tired all the time and worst of all, I couldn’t chase after my little grandson to play with him and keep him safe.

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Gail B.

Before I started Metabolic Balance®, I developed an allergy to perfumes. As I started to follow the program I noticed changes in my allergic reactions.

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Stan D.

Since I started following the Metabolic Balance® program I have joined the gym again and am back to weight lifting. I have abs! Being over 50 you wouldn't think this is possible but it is!

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Susan D.

My first diet was when I was 15… I was tired. Tired physically, and tired of all the contrary "science" I’d been hearing for decades about the right way to diet! Then, Metabolic Balance® came into my life…

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Ilona L.

Before Metabolic Balance® I did a lot of sport to regulate my weight. During that time, I changed my family doctor and by doing so coincidentally met my future coach.

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Michael W.

I was far too big! In March 2010 I weighed more than 160 kg. I knew it could not go on like this. My goal was to weigh less than 100 kg within half a year. What can I say?

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I didn't have any alternative as I was only able to eat 6 foods, all of which came from the same supplier. If I didn't, I would have had an allergic reaction. My weight was just a minor problem.

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Steffen F.

My name is Steffen and I am 44 years old. Until the age of 25, I was able to eat and drink everything I wanted. I kept my weight relatively constant, between 85-90 kg.

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Jennifer R.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am 25 years old and weighed 110 kg when I started Metabolic Balance® at the beginning of the year.

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Peter K.

When I stand in front of the mirror now, I think I am much better looking than I was a year ago. My arms seem to hang where they are supposed to again! But there's even more...

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Kerstin P.

Hello, my name is Kerstin. I come from Mardorf and I am a physiotherapist. I used to be a good handball player and trained almost every day. However, I was never slender.

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Petra K.

My name is Petra. I come from Bremen and celebrated my 40th birthday last year. I started doing Metabolic Balance® in April 2011. Why did I start? Well, for that you need to know more.

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Ute N.

I had a dress size 40 for all of my adult life. I was happy with that and didn't really have to think too much about it. But then, in 2002, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroid disease, a serious under-function of the thyroid gland.

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Simon W.

I had been overweight since primary school. To be honest, I was really big and the older I got, the heavier I became. Eventually I weighed around 100 kg.

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Myriam W.

My coach convinced me from the start about the nutrition programme. I felt the success immediately, and after 2 months I had already lost my first 10 kg. It wasn't long before I got my positive outlook and happiness back.

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Marliu K.

I had been wearing a dress size 44/46 for years, whilst always trying to lose weight. Despite trying, I was never able to keep the weight off for any length of time. When I tried Metabolic Balance® I realised, just how easy it was to be true to yourself.

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